Gluten Free Line

senza glutine 2

In the gluten free line are available all our risottos and our pasta with corn flour. Soon also on our website.
Both pasta and risotto have the GLUTEN FREE certification (also on the packaging), as they are produced in a factory with machineries and warehouse only for gluten free products.
The packs of risottos and pasta are 180 gr weight and two portions.

For the gluten free pasta are available the following tastes:
– Penne with porcini mushrooms gluten free;

– Penne with porcini mushrooms and saffron gluten free

– Penne with pesto genovese gluten free;

– Fusilli  with cheeses gluten free;

– Sedani with vegetables gluten free.

Risottos are available in the following tastes:
– Risotto with four cheeses gluten free;

– Risotto with vegetables gluten free;

– Risotto with porcini mushrooms gluten free;

– Risotto with porcini and saffron gluten free;

– Risotto with asparagus gluten free;

– Risotto with red chicory gluten free.

On request it’s possible to realize packaging for channel.
Contact us for more info and price list.